I promise, It’s not complicated to gather the supplies needed to start crocheting. Below you will find what you need to start crocheting!

You can find everything you need to start crocheting in one isle in most stores! You can go to your local craft store such as JoAnn Fabrics or Hobby Lobby. Or do you have a local Walmart near you? Also, if you don’t mind waiting you can order off Amazon and all your supplies will be delivered to you. I love getting goodies in Supply List

supplies needed to start crocheting

Must Have

I’ve also created and in depth Printable Guide on what you need to start crocheting

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How Much will the Supplies Cost in learning to crochet?

If you want to purchase just the yarn and a crochet hook you’ll only be spending around 10$. If you need scissors add another 5-10$. And you’ll eventually want to pick up some yarn needles. A pack of two needles is around 2$. You may also want to grab a tape measure for measuring yourself or your projects to get an accurate size for your crochet item. Those usually go for 4-5$.

Are You serious about learing to crochet?

If you’re serious about starting to crochet, then invest in yourself because you deserve it! This GUIDE for learing to crochet would be an asset to your new hobby an its only $17!

In this guide you’ll step by step written tutorials along with video tutorials on learning the beginning stitches of crochet and how to follow a very simple crochet pattern with all the stitches you have just learned to create.

Total cost is between 10$ on the low end and about 45$ on the high end. Not bad at all to start up a new hobby!