The Slip Knot is the very first stitch in any crochet project. Follow along with my steps 1-8 to learn how!

Step 1

Grab the tail end of your yarn, place over top of your working yarn attached to your ball of yarn.

Step 2

Place two fingers inside the loop made as pictured in step 2.

Step 3

Now grab your working yarn(attached to the ball of yarn) with your two fingers.

Step 4

Pull the piece of yarn in your fingers through the loop.

Step 5

Next, with out letting go, pull a little taut.

Step 6

Holding your new loop on one hand and the strings (yarn tail and working yarn) pull taut to form your slip knot.

Step 7

Place your crochet hook into the loop you have just created.

Step 8

Pull on the tail end piece of your yarn to tighten against your crochet hook.

Ta-da, you are now ready to begin crocheting. Happy yarning!