Discover how much it actually costs and the supplies you need.

Have you ever started doing a diy project you love and realize…….. SHEEESH… this is getting way too expensive? Yeah, I can so relate. I just need one more can of spray paint, or just two more baskets to complete the look. Well friend, I will give you a predictable start up cost of what it will take to start crocheting!

Crochet hooks and yarn

First off you’ll need a crochet hook and yarn. For your basic acrylic yarn, it’ll cost between 3.00-5.00 dollars. If you plan to purchace only one hook in the beginning you are looking at $1.40 – $5.00. So the total of just yarn and hook on the high end is aout $10!


Of course you’ll need scissors, but most households have a pair tucked somewhere! You can pick up a pair from walmart or the dollar tree for $1.00 – 2.00. If you want a nice pair of Fiskars scissors, expect to spend around $10.

Yarn Needle

And if your serious about learning to crochet and are in it for the long haul, I recomend you to get a tapestry needle (aka yarn needle). These are life savers when it comes to finishing your crochet project! You’ll find these needles cost between $1.50 – $7, and most packages come with more than one.

Tape Measure

The last thing I recomend beginners to grab is a tape measure. Those will be between $1.00 – 5. You’ll want a tape measure eventually to measure your project for a correct fit.

Total cost $$

Disclaimer: these numbers are very close to the estimated cost!

You only want some basic yarn and a cheap hook.  $5 – $10

You want all the basic essentials. $16 – $25


What kind of yarn sould I use?

There are so many types of yarn out there! Where to start? 

Beginners should start out with basic acrylic yarn in medium weight (#4). You can find the size and the material on the yarn label. You’ll also see the crochet hook size recomended to use with the yarn. As you can see, an I-5.5mm hook is best for medium weight acrylic yarn.

You’ll find yarn at most crafting stores, such as Jo-Ann’s, Michaels, Hobby Lobby or your local craft store. (even the dollar tree sells it!) You can find it at Walmart or Amazon. Here are a few good, cheap brands: Red Heart, Caron, Lion Brand, Mainstays.

What color should I use?

When you are just learning how to crochet, you’ll want to use a light or netural colored yarn. If you try to use black or a dark colored yarn, it will be very difficult to see your stitches and will have a really hard time seeing where to place your next stitch. Get a lighter color!

Which crochet hook is right for me?

There’s no one magical hook for beginner crocheters! But there are lots of different crochet hooks to try. Here are some tips so you can decide on the right hook for you.

Avoid small steel hooks and tunisian crochet hooks

Small steel hooks come with sizes like 0,2, and 4 while larger hooks are sized H-5.00mm and I-5.50mm. Small steel hooks are for crocheting thread, so don’t buy these if you plan to use yarn.

Tunisian hooks are specialy hooks for a specific technique called Tunisian crochet. Don’t buy these.

Types of "regular" crochet hooks

  • Plastic: Use one if you’re on a budget. A small set of these are very affordable and are super light weight. They may feel flimsy in your hand.
  • Aluminum: These are the most common hooks and you can find them everywhere. They are also very durable. Some crocheters find the metal painful after awhile if their grip is too tight.
  • Ergonomic: I LOVE these hooks! I’d tell my beginner self to buy one. Ergonomic hooks come in all different materials. What they all have in common is a bigger handle to grip onto while you crochet. Most crocheters find these to be the most comfortable to use and I agree. An aluminum, ergonomic hook will be most affordable ($4-8) and will be a great investment.

You’ll find crochet hooks at most crafting stores, such as Jo-Ann’s, Michaels, Hobby Lobby or your local craft store. Walmart and Amazon have them too!

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I hope you found this useful and that your shopping experiece will be fruitful 🙂

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