Hello there, my name is Sara!

I design crochet patterns and sell my products.

I want to inspire stay at home moms to make to make beautiful things for people the love.

Here is a little about me. I’m a stay at home mom, blessed with five beautiful children. Also, a wife to my wonderful husband. His superpower is home building! I’ve been a mom for almost 12 years now and I love creating things for my little’s to wear. It is very satisfying knowing I designed and created it at a fraction of the cost of buying and had fun in the process doing it!

Maybe you are wondering how i find the time to sit and crochet with five little’s and homemaker duties? But i really find it quite simple! There isn’t a huge mess of things sitting out as there is with painting crafts, sewing or baking, for kids to get into when you need to get up to see to a child’s need or switch out the laundry. But you need to be sure and put your yarn creation up so when you get back you wont find it halfway strung across the house! (I may have experienced this a time or two or ten)

Here is what i use when i want to relax with my crochet project:, a great story to listen to (i love audio books), yarn, hook, scissors sometimes a measuring tape. You can put all these up easily in a little basket when mom duty calls!:)

Along with crocheting, do it yourself home decor, sewing my own designs, and crafting with the kids are more things I enjoy. Out of all these I’m pretty sure creating my own crochet items is my strongest craft. When I sit down to crochet I have a vision in my mind of what I want and freehand it. Here is where the blogging thing comes in….. why not write them down and share them with you?!

I’ve had crocheting in my life for as long as I can remember. I can still see my mom sitting in her spot in the living room with her yarn making hair bungees. That was about 20 years ago and here i am doing the same for my own girls, haha its great!

I am very excited to walk total beginners through the process of learning to crochet and making your very first easy project!

Therefore, I can’t wait to get all my patterns posted so you join me on this new journey i have created for myself! Thanks for reading this far, i greatly appreciate it!!

Yours Sincerely, Sara at Happy Day Crochet